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Products Can Be Featured In A Centralized B2B Marketplace

At this Trade Gateway, Organizations and their Products can enjoy Targeted Marketing by being featured in a Centralized B2B Marketplace that serves over 200 Regional, City and National Trade Gateways across the Globe.

The Centralized B2B Marketplace B2C counterpart, can help brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers sell their products to businesses. Tools are provided to Digitize Accruing Trade.

Trade Digitization can also Help Facilitate Trade Finance From participating Financial Institutions. Please Contact Us For More Information.

Cross Border Digital Trade

This Trade Gateway provides a Channel For Cross Border Digital Trade by providing a mechanism where parties can connect cross border to conduct Digital Trade via individual Trade Gateways where an equivalence between control of an electronic transferrable record and possession of a transferrable paper document or instrument, is allowed between the Transacting Parties.

This Trade Gateway provides an infrastructure that allows parties to manage their own data while transacting and viewing shared information seamlessly and securely with their trading partners and service providers. This makes transactions transparent, quicker, more secure and efficient.

Buying And Selling Verticals

Vertical markets are industry specific markets that have more depth to them. Vertical Marketing works, because the problem with that notion is that when you try to make something apply to everyone possible, in every scenario, you’re really marketing it to no one. Choosing a specific vertical allows your company to really entrench itself in that field, understand the pain points of those who are looking for a solution, market according to those pain points, and create value for the customer.

It is true that a vertical sales model can be a lot of work. However, this Trade Gateway Provides Access to Buying And Selling Verticals for easier sourcing from verified Suppliers and to assist with sales

Free Listing Of Products And Matching Services

Sellers can Create free listings of up to 50 products. The advantage over listing in other B2B Marketplaces is that there are inbuilt Tools to facilitate Digital Trade. A Modest fee on a sliding scale is charged on accruing trades. Contact Us For More Information.

Matching Services are also available to help match Sellers with Buyers. Please contact us for more information.

Please see below For Expert Guidance In Local And Export Markets

Expert Guidance In Local And Export Markets

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