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Part of which is an IBM Partner Programme

Featuring Online Conferences and Blockchain Important For Covid Adapted Trade


Promotional events to promote an organization or product can be held with the following features:

- Promotion of the event
- Recruitment of the specified delegates
- A senior Chamber representative to chair the event
- All event management
- Delegate Follow up

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Attend online webinars on Market Access to featured markets, as well how to successfully overcome associated problems and issues. Without leaving your home or office, join live webinars with relevant trade experts. You will also have the opportunity to raise your own questions and to hear and learn from other organizations. The Covid Pandemic has demonstrated inherent problems with conventional supply chains. Blockchain is increasingly being recognized as providing solutions to many of these problems.

Access Blockchain related webinars. Learn how to start or increase international sales and get valuable information. Subscribe to be kept appraised of webinars of interest, including free webinars.


Training Provided by Blockchain Experts will feature Non-Technical Modular Blockchains Training as detailed below Each session will last about one hour

Module 1 – Introduction & Background to Blockchains
Module 2 – Non-Technical Technology Overview
Module 3 – Benefits of Blockchain
Module 4 – Blockchain and Supply Chains
Module 5 - The Use of Blockchain in Procurement
Module 6 – The Use of Blockchains For Trade Finance
Module 7 – Blockchain Enabled Co-Buying
Module 8 – Implementation (How do I get started?)

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IBM Blockchains-As-A-Service

No membership fees: Invest directly in your blockchain components
✔ Estimation clarity: Simple hourly pricing model for easier cost control
✔ Scalability to compute: Adjust compute up or down to minimize expense
✔ Leverage your existing IBM Cloud services and components
✔ Billing transparency: Pay as you go with updates on your dashboard

Deploy using Software as a Service (SaaS). Price per Allocated CPU-Hour (VPC-hour). $0.29 USD


The Trade Gateways Network

Buyers, can enjoy the benefits of accessing suppliers easily, wherever they are.
Suppliers, can also access buyers, wherever they are, as part of a Blockchain Facilitated Network.

The Trade Gateways Programme, which brings together Buyers, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in relevant Supply chains.

The Coronavirus Pandemic means that the way business is done will never be the same again. However, it has thrown up new opportunities. Those who adapt fast and digitize their business, will be able to take advantage of these new opportunities. The Trade Gateways Programme can help organizations take advantage of those new opportunities.

The Trade Gateways programme features Regional Trade Gateways as detailed above. An programme is also featured. The programme allows parties across the different places covered by the Regional Trade Gateways, to access specific Industry Segments in Blockchain Facilitated, Centralized vertical Marketplaces that bring together Buyers, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in relevant Supply chains. The Trade Gateways Blockchain also serves as a Distribution Blockchain that helps manage Transactions between Retailers and Suppliers across the Trade Gateways.

Participating Retailer Buyers also have an option to use our Stores.IM programme to reach their consumer buyers in an integrated and innovative manner that can enhance efficiency and increase profits. Contact us for more information.

We can offer a range of Blockchain services if required. As far as Blockchain Adoption is concerned, it can be overwhelming for organizations to consider adopting a new process that also requires a steep learning curve of a new technology.

Users of this site can be offered a simple entry point to utilize Blockchain for Trade, in a relatively simple and straightforward manner that requires no technical integration. A full training and support Programme is also available on request. Please contact us for more information.

All trade parties on the Blockchain can share data as they deem appropriate. Some Features of the Blockchain are detailed below.

Blockchain can eliminate the need for trust in transactions, thanks to the fact that it facilitates the use of transparent and immutable smart contracts.

Blockchain offers potential for easing and speeding up transactions between trading partners. Advantages include:

- Improving supply chain visibility and transparency

- Reduction of transaction costs

- Tracking of products moving through the supply chain

- Facilitating the sharing of information across the Supply Chain

Please contact us for more information on the above. Please also see links below that can help access useful information, as well as useful online services for Trade.


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