Post Brexit.Trade 3


Session 1 – Christian O: Supply Chain Issues and EU Trade Post Brexit – 10.15 – 11.00

In the last ten years Christian has worked, for different companies in oil & gas, energy, retail and logistics industries, having different managing roles within general management, supply chain, production planning, manufacturing, procurement, logistic, sales and project management functions.

He has experience in operations management, strategic planning, business development, program/project management, operational risk assessment and management, organizational change, assembly/overhaul projects, and budget administration.

He has been involved in designing and implementing lean six sigma principles and tools in operations and supply chain environment, being involved in organizational change projects. Delivered continuous improvements in business performance, cost reduction, quality and product delivery, optimizing staff productivity and process overall efficiency to assure achievement of strategic goals.

Specialties Include: Operations management, Business Plans development, Management consultancy, Operations assessment, Business model design and implementation


Session 2 – Ondrej V: Doing Trade in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland – 11.00 – 11.45

Ondrej is located in Czech Republic EU. His company can provide:

• Sales
• Logistic
• Distribution and storage services.
• He can also Provide Trade and Local Customs Services in the Czech Republic as well as Provide Trade and Local Customs Services in Germany or Poland.


Session 3 – Vasil P: Doing Trade in North Macedonia – 11.45-12.30

Vasil operates a customs brokerage agency GIO from Strumica which is active in the whole of Macedonia and prepares documents for custom authorities.


Session 4 – Mutsumi A: Doing Trade and Accessing Translation Services in Japan – 12.30 – 13.15

Mutsumi is a very experienced and proudly professional native Japanese speaker.
Her Company offers a full range of support services for individuals or corporations wanting to conduct business in Japan.


Session 5 – Petar S: How the new Post Brexit regulations affect UK -EU Trade – 13.15 – 14.00

Petar is a Customs Compliance Manager. His Specialities include: customs regulations, Post Brexit preparation, AEO procedures, customs warehousing


Session 6 – Angela N: New rules for UK import and export from an EU Perspective – 14.00 – 14.45

Angela is a Logistics professional. She is familiar with a range of export and import processes and is familiar with the current BREXIT situation. She has also undertaken research for new and existing customers and markets

Session 7 – Thomas C: The new Landscape for UK-EU Trade – 14.45 – 15.30

Thomas is Head of Global Supply Chain and Operations in a multinaional company with Headquarters in Germany


The CARIFORUM is a regional organisation of fifteen independent countries in the Caribbean region (Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Surinam, and Trinidad and Tobago

Session 8 – Lynda E: Doing Trade in the CARIFORUM – 15.30 – 16.15

Lynda has been a professional accountant since 2001. In 1998 she attained a BSc. degree in Accounting from the University of the West Indies-Trinidad. She also holds the status of ACCA Fellow (FCCA). She has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years.


Session 9 – John K: Doing Trade in the United States and Canada 16.15 – 17.00

John’s Company is an American based, transportation and logistics company located near the Canadian border. They specialize in International & cross border logistics. They have over 20 years’ experience in:

• Freight transportation
• Customs and trading throughout the United States & Canada.
• They specialize in transportation & logistics technology.
• Custom transportation tech projects and quality products.

They are transportation industry professionals, with expertise in USDOT & FMCSA rules and regulations. Their Offices are located in Seattle, WA

17.00 Closing Remarks – Rick Schultheis