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Brexit has thrown Up New Regulations - Access Experts To Help


The UK left the EU on 1st January 2021. In the aftermath, however, there is now a baffling” array of post-Brexit rules and regulations that now threaten much of the UK’s export trade to the EU

It had been claimed that the Trade Deal that the UK Government agreed with the EU, was a “zero-tariff” and “zero-quotas” deal that would allow free and simple access to the single market. Unfortunately, however, Britain’s EU departure now appears to be anything but pain-free.


There is significant disruption at UK borders as a result of Brexit customs changes, disruption that is expected to increase. Against the background of the confusion, delivery firms have suspended services, retailers have halted sales to customers in the EU, UK fishermen warned they would not be able to sell their fresh produce into EU markets because of delays at borders, etc

There are also problems with consignments between Great Britain and Northern Ireland as new border checks have caught many businesses unawares. For many, the sheer complexity will prove too much and they will simply not be able to export to the EU.

The Problems

Some of the problems are because the trade deal was put in place very quickly. Other problems are because the sheer complexity of the new Trade arrangements including “rules of origin”, some of which have not been finally determined. Only goods made up largely of parts that originate in the UK qualify as tariff-free.

Major organizations are baffled by what the new regulations mean, let alone SMEs who have never had to deal with the kind of paperwork that is now required.

The new import/export formalities are proving very problematic for businesses of all sizes. Many trucks are stuck in depots, unable to head to the ports due to the inability for the necessary documentation and information to be provided to them

Provision Of Trade Experts To Help

Trade and Customs Experts versed in EU Regulations are urgently needed to help address the problem. Brexit.Trade is part of the Trade Gateways Programme, which can help provide local Trade Experts in the EU that can help address the problem.

The local Trade Experts provided can effectively act as your part-time employees on the ground, to help guide you through the process with the benefit of local knowledge. This can be done in a highly affordable manner. You pay by the hour, for just what you need and no more.

A selection of these local experts are detailed below.

Brexit.Trade Experts

A selection Of Trade Experts who can assist with Post Brexit Trade and Regulations

Ondrej V

Ondrej is located in Czech Republic. His company can provide sales, logistic, distribution and storage services. He can also Provide Trade and Local Customs Services in the Czech Republic as well as Provide Trade and Local Customs Services in Germany and Poland.

Vasil P

Vasil operates a customs brokerage agency GIO from Strumica which is active in the whole of Macedonia and prepares documents for the customs authorities

Stephane R

Stephane is located in Spain. He specializes in helping SMEs internationalise through trade facilitation.


Above is a selection of Trade experts, but there are more experts to help across different countries in the EU, as well as the UK. Please visit the Post Bexit.Trade Workshop to see details of more experts who can help and to access a FREE online workshop where different Experts will provide very useful information with regards to Post Brexit Trade.


Supply chains used to be integrated. Now they are not because the UK left the EU and the single market. After the UK left the EU, previous business models based on integrated supply chains are no longer feasible. This is a consequence of leaving the single market. The single market was not, and cannot, be replicated in the form of a Free Trade Agreement

The rules of origin chapter of the UK-EU Trade deal effectively blocks existing supply chains.

Under rules of origin clauses in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which came into force on January 1, all goods must be able to demonstrate that they “originate” in the EU or the UK — containing approximately 50 per cent UK content for most products — in order to qualify for zero tariff treatment

Blockchain can be used to demonstrate origin in a highly efficient manner and will play a major part in the re-engineering of EU-UK Supply chains We can also provide Blockchain Experts to help with the restructuring of supply chains necessitated by the UK's departure from the EU

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with details of your requirements, so that the relevant expert can be provided to you. Payment by the hour at a charge of £99 per hour, so you only pay for what you need.

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