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Digital Trade Gateway

At this Digital Trade Gateway, Organizations and their Products can enjoy Targeted Marketing by being featured in Centralized B2B Marketplaces and Vertical Sites that serve a Network Of Regional Trade Gateways.

The Centralized B2B Marketplaces, can help brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers sell their products to businesses. Tools are provided to Digitize Accruing Trade, which helps reduce cost.

Trade Digitization: LMS developed the TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade tools as an interoperable framework that provides proof of authenticity, origin and ownership of digital documents used in Digital Trade

This enables trading counterparties and institutions to validate documents digitally and securely, even when they are on different trade platforms, and allows such documents to be validated and exchanged with another party in real-time. This helps mitigate the risk of fraud.

Trade Gateway Platform

LMS is providing the requisite Trade Digitization infrastructure to include tools for parties in the supply chain to issue trade documents, for those documents to be signed and verified online, and for anyone to check the validity of a digital trade document. This provides the infrastructure for Digital Trade Infrastructure Provision as below:

Cargo Release Facilitation: To assist customers to eliminate manual processes and remove any need for physical exchanges of paper documentation. This can lead to a reduction in the overall process time of over 98%.

Trade Finance Facilitation: It will also enable financial institutions to leverage logistics data in their underwriting, and risk management processes, when they provide financing products to customers
Cross-border trade finance is largely paper-based and vulnerable to fraud, due to the complex flow of transactions and the multiple number of parties involved.

Buying And Selling Vertical B2B Marketplaces

Vertical markets are industry specific markets that have more depth to them. Vertical Marketing works. Choosing a specific vertical allows companies to really entrench themselves in that vertical, understand the relevant, and market according to those issues.

A Vertical Sales Model can be a lot of work. However, vertical marketplaces featured on this Trade Gateway can help. This Trade Gateways Provides Access to Selling Verticals to help with Sales and Buying Verticals to help source from verified Suppliers.

Ethically Sourced And Environmentally Friendly Products

Manufacturers and Suppliers the world over, are coming under scrutiny with regard to their ethical and environmentally friendly practices, with consumers paying closer attention to how organizations source, manufacture and distribute goods.

Digitization of of the Supply Chains for Ethically Sourced Products has a major role to play in more ethical and responsible sourcing. It enables organizations to ensure transparency of information about all suppliers, through systems that capture and manage information across the supply chain.

The Environment is the issue of our Times. This Trade Gateway also features tools to facilitate supply chains of Ethical And Environmentally Friendly Produts of Manufacturers and Suppliers